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I know many of you have been waiting for a newsletter to come out. and quite frankly, I would looooove to send yall a newsletter. However, mailchimp doesnt deal with "people in my industry" and the other bulk email websites are impossible to import an email list onto. Soooo I had to find another way to let you all know just whats been going on in Minxxy's world for the last month or so, since banishment from nightshift. 

Well naturally when i figured out that i wouldn't ever be allowed back on the site I began plotting how i was going to put them out of business with a website that quite literally made them look just as awful as they were. And then fosta/sesta hit our industry like a fucking natural disaster, sending us all reeling. the career death toll is still being tallied, mine among the first few casualties (picture me with a dirty face and tattered close and a crappy british accent with a tin cup and big sad eyes "please sah, ahms for the poor?") basically what i am getting at, is now is a great time to write your name on a certain redheads, dance card *wink*

Anyway, enough of that nonsense... lets get to why you're all reading this in the first place. Shall we? A small group of ladies and gents helped me come up with the name Society of the Phoenix. We wanted something that didnt scream "hooker" and that could be mistaken for some sort of nerdy study club. But i also wanted something with some symbolism to what has been affecting all of us in a very major way (and im afraid its going to get so much worse before it gets better) and what better symbol than the phoenix. The society of the phoenix website is hosted outside of the united states and may undergo a bit of a change as far as location of servers and what will be placed after the . (dot). regardless, it will be a place safe from extradition treaties with the us and preferably someplace where what we do is legal. It will be a social media site of sorts. and i havent decided if everyone who signs up must submit id verification as well as hobby verification or if that will be reserved for the VIP section. This site will not have listings, reviews, or even rates available for public viewing and probably not even for private viewing. Especially not during this uncertain time. I have no desire to be burned at the stake over a review system that dehumanized all that were subject to reviews.... anyway let me get back on topic.... What people do and say in their private messages is none of my business or anyone elses for that matter. Everyone will have the same profile type with the only differentiation being gender. There will be a chat room with webcams, and ultimately there will be an app. 

We are hoping to begin beta testing with a small group of volunteers VERY soon. At this time donations are being accepted via paypal, venmo, squarecash, and credit card. please send an email with "donate" in the subject field to phoenixsociety@protonmail.com. or send donations directly to paypal.me/minxxy. In the future SOP will ask a small maintenance fee from each of its members. besides helping to run the site, this will help to weed out the trolls that seemed so rampant on ns (well that and the id verification for all).


In other news:

Im holding a raffle with tickets on sale for $5 a piece or 10 for $30. all proceeds will go to maintaining, building, and research involving the website. Drawing will be held on my birthday, April 30 live on instagram. The winner will get a 3/4 day and night cruise with aboard the Royal Caribbean cruise lines to the Bahamas!!!! Dates will be decided after contest drawing.there will be 2 runners up prizes. the first will be a 4 hour session (dinner date + session) and third prize will get either a calendar or an enlarged printed Photo of their choosing from any of my professional shoots Provided I have access to them and permission from the photographer). Please note that there is no guarantee of sex on the cruise. while it may be possible, it is not promised.


Well I believe thats all the news I've got for now. any questions, please feel free to email me or send me a message on any one of my social media accounts linked to the site!

xoxo Minxxy

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