Please send me a text ((669)200-9311) or email ( informing me that you are going to be giving me as a reference. This makes my job much easier and allows for a faster response time. When giving me as a reference please give either my website information or my phone number for the provider to contact me. If I have not seen you in the last 6 months and I do not have your number saved in my phone, I cannot give you a reference as its been too long for me to safely vouch for your character. I will not give out personal details about you or our session. I will, however, let the provider know that I have seen you, you are safe, and your race if I remember it.


When contacting me for a reference, please make sure that the client has contacted me beforehand. If he has not, ask him when and where he saw me and for any details that would make him stand out in my mind. My preferred method of contact is via text ((669)200-9311), however I will respond to other reference checks as well. If the client cannot give you enough details to jog my memory I would recommend checking for a verified review on Nightshift.

I appreciate everyone abiding my requests when it comes to references.
As always, stay safe and play nice!

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She keeps 2 separate lives for a reason!

Without it, u are violating her personal life, family, social circles

Iโ€™ve kept you waiting long enough. Big thanks to @mlvisuals!! We make a great team donโ€™t you think?


I just love my red lighting gear. Gorgeous @MinxxyMia just knows how to use it and how to pose with it. More to come from this beautiful and all around artist, thank you Mia for the vote of confidence ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

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