Be Clean

Hygiene is of paramount importance! When it comes to our mutual enjoyment, cleanliness is the key to success. Please show up to our appointment freshly showered and shaved with trimmed fingernails and wearing deodorant.

If for some reason you aren’t able to shower within an hour of our session, I provide supplies for you including: fresh towels, mens’ body wash and deodorant as well as mouth wash. (If you like, we can even shower together!)

Be Polite

When contacting me for a session, please remember that I am a lady and expect to be treated as such. Just as you can expect be treated as a gentleman. Mutual respect is key and vulgar or explicit language will not be tolerated.

Donations are for my time only and does not constitute any prior agreement for set services performed during that time. Anything that happens during our session is between two consenting adults. Anything that does not happen is fine too.